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Russell Boulevard Elementary Good Neighbor Program

Serving & Giving

In 2018, Trinity began an informal partnership with its Rollins Rd. neighbor, Russell Elementary School.  Both Russell and Trinity celebrated their 60th anniversaries last year.  Trinity members have provided treats for Russell teachers, donated prizes for Bingo Night, signed up to read to children, and more.  Members of Trinity’s Outreach Committee continue to seek opportunities for the church to be a “Good Neighbor” to Russell.

How Can You Be A Good Neighbor?

Share Your Gifts and Interests with Russell


Would you be willing to spend 20 minutes with some of the children from Russell? 


We are creating a list of people from Trinity who would be willing to share their knowledge, skills, or maybe a hobby with the classes or clubs at Russell. 


If you are interested, please respond on Facebook or leave a note in the mailbox of Cathy Holder or in the church office.  We'll give the list to the school. 

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